Lana Matthew

GOOD MORNING…… I just want to THANK YOU all for being a part of our success as of today 18th Year - we opened our doors on 4/1/2001 and 20 Years ago we came together to form New Connections. It’s been quite a journey mostly great with the exception of Tricia Petracelli who lost her life to Domestic Violence in 2012 some of our past board members have also passed away.

Today we have an 80% success with drivers license re-instatement, the program we first started with and have gone on to do re-entry and take care of our communities. We are forever grateful to the City of Kent for it’s support with our office. We would not be where we are today if not for all our board members past and present and all the support we had from the community. Congratulations and we will continue to pray blessings to you all…a grateful Lana Matthew