David Bevers

I went into the domestic violence class that Lana Matthew taught. I went in the class with my own beliefs, and came out with a whole different set of beliefs. Ms. Lana Matthew has successfully changed many men, women and families over the years, and she’s been very successful at everything she has put her hands on. At first when I went to the class it was a half to go sort of thing! Whenever I go to visit Lana many months after the class i remember siting in many of her classes even though i had successfully completed her class. It’s out of Love and Respect that I have for Lana Matthew for the work that she does to help Men, Women and Families see the path that they’re on and try to get them off of that particular path, and better yet see the destruction that there leaving behind if they continue to follow that old path. In other words I’m Very happy that I’ve Successfully completed her Class. OH…., and it’s Changed me dramatically. You never Healed, OH,..I will be a work- in-progress all of my life, but now I have the Knowledge and Important Tools…Thanks to Ms. Lana Matthew I Know I Can continue to Progress and have a very successful Life. I am eternally grateful for Lana for what she has done for me in my life….and I will Always be her student and her friend.