Review: Terrell Taylor

By Far the Most Beautiful Amazing and helpful group of young ladies I have ever come across in dealing with Tickets and Courts. Not only have Lana and Cathy made the process so simple and easy, but have literally set me up to get my life back. I was in so much debt with owing traffic tickets and exhausted with dealing with the courts but because of Lana & Cathy I am relieved and know longer have that weight or anxiety of trying to figure out how to get my Drivers License back. Thank You so Much Lana & Cathy I Really and sincerely appreciate you. This Wouldn’t have been possible without the both of you ladies. Thank You so Much.


You and your organization have been wonderful to work with. From relicensing, appearing at probation and community court, it has all been exceptional! Thanks for your willingness to partner with us. Congratulations on 18 years. Susanne White: Court Administrator: Federal Way Municipal Court.


Lana Matthew

GOOD MORNING…… I just want to THANK YOU all for being a part of our success as of today 18th Year - we opened our doors on 4/1/2001 and 20 Years ago we came together to form New Connections. It’s been quite a journey mostly great with the exception of Tricia Petracelli who lost her life to Domestic Violence in 2012 some of our past board members have also passed away.

Today we have an 80% success with drivers license re-instatement, the program we first started with and have gone on to do re-entry and take care of our communities. We are forever grateful to the City of Kent for it’s support with our office. We would not be where we are today if not for all our board members past and present and all the support we had from the community. Congratulations and we will continue to pray blessings to you all…a grateful Lana Matthew



I am highly thankful for the overall help and services that I received through the "New Connections" program. Within the small time frame I was able to find full time jobs when I was unemployed and now I am finally able to join the rest of the driving community! I'm glad I no longer have to have a chip of fear on my shoulder. This program has definitely opened my eyes to a brighter horizon and allowed me to want to further my growth and development as a productive citizen, and capitalize on the second chance that they offered! Thank you to all staff and resources of "New Connections"!!!


Heather Gallagher

After going to community court I met Lana who volunteers her time and opens opportunities for individuals to getting licenses, she offered this to me as we as helped me work out my tickets by doing community service work. She also volunteers her time doing domestic violence classes, I was honored even though I'm not in an abusive relationship to go and watch her and the true companion her and kathy have twords this subject. Lana also spends time in prisons talking to violators about be rehabilitated to be able to enter back into society. Lana has that heart of gold. I got my license back with her help. For that I from the bottom of my heart say thank you


Donnie Gallagher

I haven't had license in over 20 yrs after meeting Lana at new connections I was given the opportunity to get it back. Lana wrote the courts and helped me get into some classes so I could get it back. Without her I wouldn't have gotten it back. Thank you Lana and the staff at new connections. I now am driving legal.